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Ton Plomp tcplomp at
Tue Jan 11 02:18:57 CST 2011

Hello Matt,

I was notified by other as well that using the Mercurial Logo is also
subject to the GPL license.

After doing some read-up on the matter I decided to alter the license for
the full API (which uses the Mercurial logo) to GPLv2.

If I read the GPLv2 license, I understand that I don't need to use the GPL
license if I call the command line utility (without using the Logo in my
software). Is that correct?

Further information:
Since LabVIEW is a graphical language, the iconic representation of the
modules is part of the source-code. I created a palette with the functions I
created an API for,you can have a look at this here:



2011/1/10 Matt Mackall <mpm at>

> On Mon, 2011-01-10 at 17:22 +0100, Ton Plomp wrote:
> > For a project I am working on I wanted a nice 'Mercurial is busy' logo.
> > With and the freeware tool Unfreez I created a rotating
> > mercurial logo based on the logo provided at
> > I have uploaded the logo to bitbucket at:
> > Gif file:
> >
> >
> > source file:
> >
> >
> > Feel free to use this under a BSD license,
> Sorry, no, that's not allowed. The license of the base work is GPLv2, as
> specified here:
> Thus your derived work must also be GPLv2. If you want to use the Hg
> logo in -your- project with a different non-GPL-compatible license (ie
> BSD), then you must write to me to get permission. I'm the sole
> copyright holder of the logo and thus I can sublicense it as
> appropriate.
> (I haven't updated this since our GPLv2+ change, will fix that shortly.)
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