hgweb.cgi Push Authorization with Active Directory Groups

Andrew Petersen senofpeter at gmail.com
Fri Jan 21 12:12:33 CST 2011

Hello all,

I've seen a few posts on this list (and the internets) about using active
directory with hgweb.cgi, but I've yet to see an actual solution to
authorizing push privileges through active directory groups. I realize that
you can configure per-repo user permissions by setting [web] allow_push =
user1,user2,etc, but in our organization that is untenable; admins will have
to add users to Active Directory as well as hgweb.

I'm on IIS7, using hgweb.cgi with python 2.6, with Basic Authentication
enabled at the server-level.

I've read that setting file-system-level write permissions could work, but I
can't test it yet... everyone who's currently using the system is a local
admin! There will be many more users who are not admins soon, so I'm
investigating push permissions.

Has anyone had success with authorizing based on AD groups?

Yip yip,
~ Drew*
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