Audit options with Mercurial

Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Wed Jan 26 05:30:19 CST 2011

On Wed, 26 Jan 2011 10:35:02 +0100, Martin Geisler <mg at> wrote:
> Giorgos Keramidas <keramida at> writes:
>> Do you by any chance mean 'Gerrit' ?
>> I don't know of any similar solution that works with Mercurial, but it
>> may be nice to have a web-bsaed code review tool for hg too.  In some
>> cases I've worked with people who required code reviews between a push
>> and we used tortoise-hg for that.  A web-based solution with proper
>> authentication, comment logging, email support etc. would be awesome.
> There is hg-review:

This seems nice.  Thanks ;)

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