Audit options with Mercurial

Marcin Kasperski Marcin.Kasperski at
Wed Jan 26 10:10:58 CST 2011

> One that we're currently struggling with (and for which I'm in the
> process of writing an hg extension), is the idea of "activities" (aka
> bugs).  Clearcase lets you group multiple commits into an "activity",
> and then work with that activity as a whole when deciding whether to
> include some changes in a particular release.

What about using feature branches for this purpose. I mean workflow

- create named branch for fix (hg branch issue38943)
- work on this branch, commit on it etc etc
- merge and close branch when the fix is to go to the production (merge
  either to trunk if you treat trunk as sacred "preproduction" line or
  to specific build branch like build-2.3.7)

Corner cases like incorrectly placed commit can be handled via

A few hooks to check who can do what would need to be written, but
that's all. You can also accompany it with multi-repository organisation
(and for example reject pushes of not closed branches for QA)

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