Mercurial 1.8.4 released!

Neal Becker ndbecker2 at
Wed Jun 1 19:47:04 CDT 2011

Matt Mackall wrote:

> Full details here:
> Available for download at:
> Binaries releases to follow shortly.

Build failed on linux fedora 16 (rawhide):

make -C doc
make[1]: Entering directory `/builddir/build/BUILD/mercurial-1.8.4/doc'
python > hg.1.gendoc.txt.tmp
mv hg.1.gendoc.txt.tmp hg.1.gendoc.txt
touch hg.1.txt
python runrst hgmanpage  --halt warning \
  --strip-elements-with-class htmlonly hg.1.txt hg.1
TypeError: get_language() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given)
Exiting due to error.  Use "--traceback" to diagnose.
Please report errors to <docutils-users at>.
Include "--traceback" output, Docutils version (0.8 [repository]),
Python version (2.7.1), your OS type & version, and the
command line used.

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