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Lester Caine lester at
Fri Jun 3 05:30:28 CDT 2011

Scott Palmer wrote:
> In most cases I'm trying to avoid subrepos and use a dependency manager
> (Maven, Ivy, etc.) to avoid this problem entirely.  I suspect that in a
> distributed model that is the best way to go, because subrepos just
> don't mean the same thing as Subversion's svn:externals. (And they
> probably shouldn't if it can't stay simple and intuitive.)
> I believe I'm talking myself out of the whole idea of using subrepos in
> the vast majority of cases where I had thought I would.

I think this probably outlines things reasonably nicely.
There are several different reasons for needing 'external' sections of code, and 
managing which version of that is used is part of the problem.
Where that code is simply being used but not 'contributed to' then one just 
needs a particular version of that 'subrepo', but I think that in many cases we 
are looking for subrepo's that are being developed and therefore as has been 
pointed out, a single copy of that repo needs to be maintained somehow?

.hgignore can hide sections of code that do not form part of the main repo, but 
it is managing these sections which is the problem? In my own case, I need to be 
able to push changes to sections that are in other project repo's and pull fixes 
back from them. While I can currently clone copies of all of the parts that I am 
working with and build a 'superproject' I currently have to manually manage each 
section of that superproject manually.

I SEEM to be seeing a method of working in GIT which allows 'managed subrepos' 
to be included in a project, but I'm not sure how they are doing that. On github 
I go into a project, but when I select an internal subrepo it is switching to 
the base repo for that ....

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