hg convert svn->hg - prevent branch deletion?

Judson Wilson judson at powerstandards.com
Sun Jun 5 12:37:45 CDT 2011

I am trying to convert an svn repo to hg.  I successfully ran svnsync 
and hg convert.  The problem is that there are no branches at all, trunk 

I am guessing this is because some of the latest commits in the svn repo 
deleted the branches (the latest revision of the SVN repo has no 
branches), which then caused the hg branches to be deleted.  Does this 
sound like a correct assessment?

  I would like to keep the branches, perhaps archiving a bundle and 
manually deleting them later.   Is there something simple I can do? 
Maybe make a simple edit in a python file that blocks branch deletes 
from the svn repos?


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