[issue1677] [PATCH] pager for "hg help" output on windows

Eduard-Cristian Stefan alexandrul.ct at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 22:28:23 CDT 2011

> Matt Mackall <mpm at selenic.com> added the comment:
> Patches go to the mailing list. We do not manage patches on the BTS as they
> cannot be reviewed here effectively.

The more-than-a-year-old comments and patches I've posted on BTS
were work-in-progress (and a dead end, BTW) and my first contact
with Mercurial and Python (beautiful days, toying with a new language).
Of course, they were completely ignored, and in time I have learned why.

My last comment was simply a notice that my extension "works on my PC"
for more than a year now (tested only on Windows, but I don't see why
it shouldn't work on Linux). It still needs a review or two, but it
does it's job.

PS: I still don't know if it's better to post this answer on BTS
or just let the issue rest in peace, but I will learn this very soon.

Have a nice day,

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