Pushing to remote repository

Paul Boddie paul.boddie at biotek.uio.no
Wed Jun 8 05:07:30 CDT 2011

On 08/06/11 11:36, Maarten B. wrote:
> Dear Mercurial Users
> I've managed to succesfully clone remote repositories through HTTP.
> The Repositories are on a Windows Server 2003 server running Apache
> (IIS6 just did not do it for me). But I am not able to push through
> HTTP to that server. Something like "cannot lock into static-http" or
> something.

Any mention of static-http arouses suspicions that the way repositories 
are being served does not use hgweb, even if you think you have 
configured Apache appropriately. See the note in the documentation about 


> Some people say this just is not possible.

[Who?] as they would say on Wikipedia. ;-)

> But I noticed
> some who used hgrc configuration files adding the line "push_ssl =
> false". I now use this hgrc configfile, placed it in the root of both
> repositories (local and remote), but it does not work.

This might be the case if hgweb (and thus Mercurial) isn't being invoked 
to serve the repositories.

> Another solutions is HTTPS. Apache should be capable of that using
> OpenSSL. I installed all necessary configs in httpd.conf and
> httpd-ssl.conf, but when I try to access my website through
> https://xx.xxx.xxx.xx (ipaddress) it times out and does not respond.

This is another topic entirely- it's a more general Apache configuration 
issue - but I'm inclined to contribute something to the Wiki about this.

> Can anyone pease direct me to the solution of one (or all) of the
> above possibilities?! I would be extremely grateful if someone could
> help me out.

First, check that you're serving repositories using hgweb and not 
statically. If you can share configuration details with us, we might be 
able to help you more effectively.


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