Pushing to remote repository

Paul Boddie paul.boddie at biotek.uio.no
Thu Jun 9 05:46:01 CDT 2011

On 09/06/11 09:18, Maarten B. wrote:
> Weird
> This error has been solved thanks to your hint. But I now still receive the error
> abort: cannot lock static-http repository
> Thought that was only cause I wanted to clone and push over http...not over httpS.

You have to answer Kevin's previous question about this for us to make 
any progress on the matter:

When you visit your repo URL in a browser, do you see hgweb? i.e. 
something that looks like http://selenic.com/hg/ and not like an Apache 
auto-generated DirectoryIndex?

This is related to what I wrote before:

Any mention of static-http arouses suspicions that the way repositories 
are being served does not use hgweb, even if you think you have 
configured Apache appropriately. See the note in the documentation about 


Many people assume that, like things such as PHP, Apache has to "see" 
the repositories for hgweb to work. This is not the case at all.


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