Pushing to remote repository

Maarten B. laboratoriumratje at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 9 06:30:35 CDT 2011

> Was that by adding the name to [paths] or [collections] in the hgweb
> configuration file?

In hgweb.config i only have this:


allow_push = *

I pushed to this url : https://xx.xxx.xx.xx/hg/repositoryname

If I can tweak some configuration bits somewhere I'm happy to know, even though it already seems to work this way.

thx again

> Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 13:25:26 +0200
> From: paul.boddie at biotek.uio.no
> To: laboratoriumratje at hotmail.com
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> Subject: Re: Pushing to remote repository
> On 09/06/11 13:18, Maarten B. wrote:
> >
> > It's always simple, once you know how to do it. The push worked when
> > I added the name of the repository as a mapname,
> Was that by adding the name to [paths] or [collections] in the hgweb
> configuration file?
> > and when I updated the remote repository on the server, it got the
> > changes I made.
> Note that after pushing, the repository already has the changes, but it
> won't reflect the pushed changes in the working directory on the server.
> In fact, it's completely possible for the working directory on the
> server to appear empty when viewed in the filesystem, apart from the .hg
> directory inside it, of course.
> > So I guess I'm there! I now push and clone through https.
> >
> >
> > Thank you Kevin, Paul and the rest. Great!
> Good luck with your certificates! :-)
> Paul
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