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norricorp john at
Sat Jun 11 05:17:27 CDT 2011

I am very new to mercurial and have spent the last few days reading through
the Oreilly book. I do have lots of experience with clearcase and
My understanding is there can be a central repository on a server which
developers clone and then develop within their own repository on their own
PCs. The commits to their own repositories are pushed or pulled up to the
central repository. And from there the working directory associated with the
central depository is updated and merged, compiled, tested and then
Is this roughly right?
Does this mean that there is a full time developer / builder who merges
changes into the central repository and it is not done by the developer who
made the changes?
I guess in the above situation, pulling is better than pushing because can
then merge changes in small chunks rather than several commits.
I am sure there are as many ways of using Mercurial as there are people on
the planet but that some are more common. 

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