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norricorp john at
Tue Jun 14 07:12:15 CDT 2011

still very new to mercurial but less new than last week.
I have set up Apache on red hat to serve a mercurial repository. This works.
I can use the browser on various PCs and http://jazz/hg/p1 displays my
project1 project. I require authentication and this works. I can also use
tortoiseplink to run ssh comands including hg commands from the PC to the
linux box.
If I use tortoiseHG or the command line on a PC to clone a repository
C:\mercurial>hg clone http://jazz/hg/p1 .\clone_p1
http authorization required
realm: Mercurial repositories
user: xxxxxxx
abort: HTTP Error 404: Not Found

Any idea what I am doing wrong? The passwords for logging on to linux and
htpasswd are the same.


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