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Tue Jun 14 08:42:38 CDT 2011

"ratje .." <laboratoriumratje at> writes:

> Dear Mercurial users
> Accidentaly I put my ipaddress in one of my posts and now it's all
> over the internet. Can I or someone remove that ipaddress please?
> Pretty stupid of me, but hopefully it is possible. To whom can I
> adress this question?

If you have posted it to a Mercurial mailinglist, then I'm araid it is
impossible for us to remove it now -- the mailinglists are mirrored by
several third-parties:

You may try to contact the owners of the mirrors and ask them to delete
the message in question, but I'm not sure it will work.

Martin Geisler

aragost Trifork
Professional Mercurial support

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