Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Tue Jun 14 10:46:34 CDT 2011

ratje .. wrote:
> Can I or someone remove that ipaddress please?
As has been said - may be difficult.
But it's probably not worth the effort trying. Many 'sods' with nothing else to 
do will be hitting your IP address anyway whether it's published or not ;)
Because of the way my ISP works when I recently changed the dedicated machine I 
was using, the IP address changed. Even before the change had been implemented 
on the domians, I was getting hit by people trying to get access to MySQL or 
Postgres, and other 'common' packages that might have been on the machine. All 
they got back was a large picture of two fingers for any location that did not 
actually exist :) I've taken it down now - it was using too much bandwidth :(

Short answer - don't worry, just make sure the machine is properly firewalled.

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