clone from URL

Paul Boddie paul.boddie at
Wed Jun 15 05:43:29 CDT 2011

On 15/06/11 12:16, norricorp wrote:
> thanks for your help. The problem was the hgweb.cgi file and config entry. I
> replaced the path to the project with the path to the hgweb.config file,
> including the file name. And now it works!!!
> I think my problem was using the definitive guide book (which is out of date
> in this area) and then moving on to the wiki and not deleting everything and
> starting from scratch.

Thanks for working with us to reach a conclusion! I've updated the Wiki 
to make the distinction between specifying a repository and specifying a 
configuration file: this is a consequence of hgweb.cgi taking the 
responsibility of two different scripts and permitting two different 
kinds of values for the config setting.


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