Mercurial Workflow: Feature seperation via named branches

Martin Geisler mg at
Wed Jun 15 11:13:50 CDT 2011

Judson Wilson <judson at> writes:

>> I agree with you that people may not want permanent branch names in
>> the history, though I fail to see why -- Subversion has permanent
>> branch names and I have not heard people complain about that.
> In subversion they are permanent, but they "go away" when you delete
> them. At that point you only find them when you go digging back in the
> history and end up in the era it was "alive".
> This is nice for small feature branches - use them, merge them, delete
> them, move on.

The same happens with named branches: use them, close them, merge them,
and move on. The branch names will remain in the changesets, just as the
branch directories remain in Subversion and can be found if you update
back in time.

Martin Geisler

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