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On 14 Jun 2011, at 7:38 AM, ratje .. wrote:

> Dear Mercurial users
> Accidentaly I put my ipaddress in one of my posts and now it's all over the internet. Can I or someone remove that ipaddress please? Pretty stupid of me, but hopefully it is possible. To whom can I adress this question?

...which would be Which I got from the X-Originating-IP header in your message?

IP addresses are not private. Any attempt to keep it secret is going to be futile (short of only ever using Tor for Internet communications, and even that is questionably effective). Every single HTTP server you point a web browser at, for example, knows your IP address.

Just make sure you've set up a proper firewall and antivirus protection, and stop worrying about your address being known. Welcome to the age of the Internet. :)

pacem in terris / mir / shanti / salaam / heiwa
Kevin R. Bullock

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