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> Hello,
> I am considering to start using Mercurial as Source Control tool, and I have
> a question would it supports our scheme:
> I have some projects repository which used by many different projects.

You have some projects with dependencies? Ok.

> One big project uses many small ones and they all share those small projects.
> (If I work on project A and change inside a small project 'x1' then when
> later project B will use 'x1' it wants to get the last version I changed).
> Is mercurial supports this?

Yes. Mercurial has a feature called subrepositories:
There's also a guide here:

> And is it simple to be used (I'm going to use the GUI extensions and don't want to work with command line) ?

This feature is relatively new, its user base is growing, and as a
consequence it's bound to improve over time.
Judging by the amount of questions/bug reports we get, I'd say the
answer to your question is: not yet.

I think TortoiseHg supports subrepositories, check their website:

> Thank you in advance,
> Kate Shell
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