Using Mercrial and breaking changeset up

Zak ZakHurst at
Fri Jun 17 12:20:03 CDT 2011

Hi Everybody

  We are coming t othe end of our evaluation of various Source configuration
management tools. 

  We intially plumbed  for SVN , but its limited support for branches and
particulary the visibility of the  history a file across branches made us
look at Git and Mercurial. Git  we had issues with  manily around windows
setup and it;s complexity, Mercurial on the other hand  we got up an running
very easily.  

   We are now faced with a couple of road blocks so I was wondering if
anybody could provide guidance. 

   Our current version control system I have to say is very slow which
affects our productiivity , but its functionality supports our business. In
trying to have maintain functionaility has resulted in a number of road

    We are very product based with branches that exist for a number of years
but are continually  merging into the tip ,wher we can. 

     1. We have been use to  working on individual files , but this  gave us
the  flexability to decide what gets included in a release, we want to
selectively  apply a change on a branch and merge it in on the tip or
another stream . Similarly  some changes done on a development we want to
exclude from a build, this is rare but importnat and it  happens close to
the release date , needed  to allow us to get  through testing, this is like
reverting a change , but  really we need to tag a revision of a specific
file level to be included in a release.  Now we would and do  take all the
changes/revisions  in sequnece   i.e. take rev. 1,2,3 not 1,2,4 . The ruslt
of taking 1.2,3 might mean pushing the changes made in 4 on to a future
release/branch, we currently do this using a promotion model , so a change 
gets approved before we put it into the formal build , we hoped the
gatekeeper model would  allow us to do this , but this does not seem to be
the case.  I am not sure if HG queues are the way to go 

2. We use VS2010 ,  the GUI is good but the guys have been spoilt with SVN
Akn and the ability to not only view pending changes but  have a box to
store the commit message and then quickly review and see differences on a
file. Are there any tools that provide AKN style funcitonality ? 

3. Reviewing and seeing changes on a file is difficult, we like to see not
just the what changesets  but the changesets on invidual files. Are their
any open source  tools  that allow us to browse the folder structure and
allow one to see at a glance the changesets applied to a file, tags 



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