bitbucket: 1.3 minutes to ask password, and 8 minutes to find out it is wrong ??

Mads Kiilerich mads at
Sun Jun 19 09:41:37 CDT 2011

Andreas Tscharner wrote, On 06/19/2011 04:08 PM:
> On 19.06.2011 15:00, Mads Kiilerich wrote:
>> rupert.thurner wrote, On 06/19/2011 01:19 PM:
>>> when doing an initial push to an empty bitbucket or google mercurial
>>> repository it takes nearly 10 minutes to get an "authorization
>>> failed". only until mercurial asks the password one has to wait for
>>> more than a minute.
>> Obviously it works fine for everybody else. There must be something
>> different between your setup and other setups. Please work
>> systematically try to figure out what that could be - perhaps by trying
>> to reproduce on another machine on another network connection - and
>> perhaps another OS.
> I did that just today and I can confirm that behavior. 

Ok, as Augie hinted I wasn't completely right. Pushing over http(s) 
works fine for others, with the caveat that the posted data has to be 
uploaded twice - as described on . That is no problem with 
small pushes or high bandwidth, but the opposite combination is worse.

> I moved a small repository  (~150 commits, thg transferred about 12 
> MiB data) to BitBucket. When I pushed, the transfer started and it 
> took a while (I didn't use a stop watch, but I'd say it was a minute) 
> before thg asked for username and password. During this time the 
> transfer was paused. After I provided the information, the transfer 
> resumed.

How could you see that the transfer paused / resumed? Didn't you see 
full network utilization all the time?

> I can't say anything about "authorization failed", because I typed my 
> username and password correctly ;-)
> System:
> Intel Core i7 (QuadCore) with 6 GiB RAM
> Debian GNU/Linux unstable, Kernel 2.6.39
> Mercurial: Mercurial Distributed SCM (version 1.8.3)
> The computer is in a subnet behind the VDSL router (NAT) with a static 
> IP. The WAN (e.g. internet) IP of the router itself is also static.

2 mbit/s upload?


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