bitbucket: 1.3 minutes to ask password, and 8 minutes to find out it is wrong ??

Andreas Tscharner andy at
Sun Jun 19 11:54:03 CDT 2011

On 19.06.2011 16:41, Mads Kiilerich wrote:

>> I moved a small repository (~150 commits, thg transferred about 12 MiB
>> data) to BitBucket. When I pushed, the transfer started and it took a
>> while (I didn't use a stop watch, but I'd say it was a minute) before
>> thg asked for username and password. During this time the transfer was
>> paused. After I provided the information, the transfer resumed.
> How could you see that the transfer paused / resumed? Didn't you see
> full network utilization all the time?

I am using WindowMaker as my window manager and in my dock I have the 
wmnd docklet. And while I was entering username and password, I noticed 
that the upload traffic was "empty".

>> IP. The WAN (e.g. internet) IP of the router itself is also static.
> 2 mbit/s upload?

Technically yes, but I live a little far away from the phone hub (or 
whatever this is called in English...), so effectively I have 1168 kbs 

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