read-only bookmarks

Felix Dorner fdorner at
Mon Jun 20 13:41:27 CDT 2011

Hi Kevin,

On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 6:17 PM, Kevin Bullock
<kbullock+mercurial at> wrote:

> Bookmarks aren't designed to do this.

Yes. I didn't feel it's a good idea either.

> Tags are created with commits because this makes them auditable in the same way that the rest of the project history is auditable. An alternate design would put tags in a > parallel history (i.e., their own revlog—and this has been discussed to death here and on -devel), but that's not the design choice that was made.

Say I follow the (good?) practice and the tagging changesets only
affect .hgtags, no other files. What would be a good way to filter
them out from the history? What I'd need is a hg log that shows me all
changesets except the ones that only modified .hgtags. And also the
inverse: A log of all changesets that affect .hgtags and only .hgtags.
I bet there's an easy one :)


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