New extension: fixrenames

Martin Geisler mg at
Mon Jun 27 08:38:05 CDT 2011


I have written a new extension for the University of Zurich. We hope it
may be of use to someone else, so we have decided to make it publically

The extension lets you replay old history in order to detect missing
rename information. It basically does:

  $ hg update N
  $ hg revert --all --rev N+1
  $ hg addremove
  $ hg commit

in a loop over a range of revisions you specify. The new changesets are
identical to the old changesets, with the exception of the added rename

By default, the original history is left in place, but the old heads are
closed. You can also strip away the old history or have the extension
merge the old heads into the new heads.

Martin Geisler

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