Python switching to Git and GitHub

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Am Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2016, 22:49:37 schrieb Martin Geisler:
> I just saw this post today:
> The Python developers have decided to move away from Mercurial :-( What a
> shame, but with Git and Mercurial being more less equal in features, I can
> understand that they want to use the tool that has the largest number of
> developers.

To me it was already pretty disappointing to hear that Python is
moving to Git. Seeing it choose the proprietary platform is a sad
choice from my perspective. Two indications of a breakage in the
culture of the project. For me that’s a reason to leave Python.

It’s not like I did not get a foreboding of that. It’s why I started
learning Guile Scheme in 2013 — and wrote about the experience:

I will still use Python for many practical tasks — it acquired the
momentum for that, especially in science, and I think it will stay
strong for many years; a good language to start and a robust base for
Mercurial. But with what I learned the past years, Python is no longer
where I place my bets.

Best wishes,
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