mercuria destroys everyone's work

Lester Caine lester at
Thu Jan 14 04:10:46 CST 2016

On 14/01/16 07:35, FLORENT Philippe wrote:
> I officialy renounce, this package is an unstable and clearly not suited
> for a prod environement

I'd like to know what you are doing that is non-standard. I use thg to
access all my legacy CVS and SVN codebases and the GIT ones I'm forced
to use today. Never lost any material, in fact it has recovered material
that git had lost on several occasions.

First point 'window share' is the most unstable platform you can use. If
two users are trying to use the SAME copy of the code there are always
problems. Specifically for that reason decent database systems block
access to shared drives to prevent corruption. Each developer needs
their own copy of the hg 'database', since as they edit files in THEIR
copy, hg can correctly display how their version differs from the
commited versions. So why do you think you need to 'share' the repos?
The whole point of a DVCS is that each developer has their own ring
fenced play area and nothing they do is visible to the other developers
until they commit a change. Expecting windows to 'share' these dynamic
changes when the live data is in local caches and editors will never work?

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