[SOLVED] Re: hg-git woes

Bob Hood bhood2 at comcast.net
Tue Mar 21 12:51:42 EDT 2017

Thanks to everybody for their replies.  I was able to set up the SSH interface 
to github.com using this (older) article:


It worked /perfectly/.  My commits now complete without error.  :)

On 3/21/2017 9:23 AM, Bob Hood wrote:
> I've been using the hg-git extension to push local project commits up to 
> github.com.  With single commits, it is usually hit-or-miss whether or not 
> the push succeeds.  If I continue to try, it usually happens.
> Now, I've collected several commits (I should have pushed them individually, 
> I know), and no amount of pushing or rebooting of my machine (to reset the 
> NIC) is succeeding:
>     [default] $ hg push --debug
>     pushing to https://github.com/xxxxxx/xxxxxxxx.git
>     finding hg commits to export
>     keyring: base url: https://github.com/xxxxxx/xxxxxxxx.git/info/refs, url
>     user: , url pwd:
>     keyring: Checking for hgrc info about url
>     https://github.com/xxxxxx/xxxxxxxx.git/info/refs, user None
>     keyring: Password url: https://github.com, user: xxxxxxx, password: 
>     (prefix: github.com)
>     keyring: looking for password (user xxxxxxx, url https://github.com)
>     keyring: Password found in keyring
>     searching for changes
>     5 commits found
>     list of commits:
>     04a76d010d97a7605bee45b8c618edd5b2b638d5
>     a888da78bc0af97c9a277400b45f109e4bd57288
>     8b01bcb139d763a8f722b19921180082e5efd540
>     09d5c45353f8105879c6f04f8286d5fffd0c19cb
>     d9d3ccf12b3b0fe0f28c9a5decf2d21a80236adc
>     adding objects
>     /*abort: error: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote
>     host*/
> I'm using Mercurial version 4.1.1 under Windows (installed with TortoiseHG), 
> with the "hggit=" and "hgext.bookmarks=" enabled in my main mercurial.ini file.
> Can anybody suggest something else I can try?
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