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Mercurial Conference in Paris - May 28th, 2019

if you're interested, please take a few minutes to fill the form at

Together with our partners at and we’re organizing a Mercurial DVCS conference in

It should take place on the 28th of May. The exact location will depend
on the expected attendance.

We aim at gathering small and big enterprise users of Mercurial, SVN,
and other
DVCS systems in one place.  The goal is to exchange ideas, share and
your experience, get connected to core Mercurial developers, and users from
companies that do Source Code Management in different industries and at a
different scale.

This conference will be for you if:
- You want to meet the industry leaders
- Connect to people with various team size and experience, from few to
1000s of
  developers.  Learn from their code-review practices, Continuous
Delivery and
  integration setups, and their workflows
- Thinking about migrating your SVN repositories to some DVCS tool
- Simply would like to meet Mercurial users, or learn about what
Mercurial, and
  what it brings into the DVCS world.
- Seek better workflows and security implementations around source code

This conference would be primarily Mercurial oriented, however, we're
hoping to
also reach out of the Mercurial Community. Also gathering some
Subversion or
Git users who are looking for better solutions/workflows.

The survey, recalled below, is to gather feedback on what would be the most
requested topics, and also to estimate how many people are willing to
Included is a set of topics we think are relevant, but feel free to
submit your own ideas
if you don't find them on that list.


Georges Racinet
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