2.1 Sprint

Planning the 2.1 mini-sprint in Zurich, Switzerland. There is no global sprint planned.

1. Mailing list

Make sure you're subscribed to the mercurial sprint mailinglist if you're planning to attend.

2. Date

January 6th (Friday) to 8th (Sunday).

3. Location

We'll meet at the aragost Trifork office at Buckhauserstrasse 40, fifth floor. Martin will be there from 9:00 in the morning to open the door.

This is right next to the tram stop "Kappeli". All of Zurich is in zone 10 with regard to public transport. The airport is just outside of zone 10, so if you arrive there, then I suggest buying a "1-2 zone upgrade" (Anschlussbillett in German) in addition to a "multiple day pass" (Tageskarte). That will get you into the city where you can use the day pass to go around. See the ZVV homepage for more information.

4. People

Everybody is welcome to attend. List yourself below if you will come:





Martin Geisler

lives here

lives here

+41 78 735 4096

Jan Sorensen

lives here

lives here

Olav Reinert

lives here

lives here

Peter Arrenbrecht

lives here

lives here

Na'Tosha Bard

5th, 11:35 AM

9th, 17:25

+45 2829 9411

Levi Bard

5th, 11:35 AM

9th, 17:25

Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen

5th, 11:00

8th, 17:08

+45 2728 9771

Pierre-Yves David

6th (or 5th night)


Arne Babenhauserheide



5. Topic

Below are some suggestions. Feel free to add more.


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