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= 2.3 Sprint =
Planning the 2.3 sprint


== Date and location ==
The sprint will run from Friday morning, May 11 to Sunday evening, May 13. Our host will be [[http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Livjægergade+17,+København,+Danmark&hl=en&ie=UTF8&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=66.828216,135.263672&hnear=Livjægergade+17,+2100+København,+København+Ø,+Denmark&t=m&z=16|Unity Technologies]] in Copenhagen, Denmark. Unity's office is located at:

Livjægergade 17

Yardhouse, 1st Floor

2100, København Ø

== Attendees ==
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Attendance is open to all Mercurial contributors. We will try to reimburse travel costs for core contributors.
||Name ||Origin ||Needed travel funding (USD) ||Special Meal Needs ||Attending ||Need hotel ||
||Augie Fackler ||Chicago ||0 || || (./) ||Thu-Mon ||
||Matt Mackall ||Minneapolis ||~US$1000 ||vegan || (./) ||Thu-Mon ||
||Mads Kiilerich ||Copenhagen ||0 || || (./) ||- ||
||Martin Geisler ||Zurich ||0 || || (./) ||Thu-Mon ||
||Na'Tosha Bard ||Copenhagen ||0 || || (./) ||- ||
||Levi Bard ||Copenhagen ||0 || || (./) ||- ||
||Pierre-Yves David ||Paris ||0 || || (./) ||Thu-Mon ||
||Dan V. P. Christiansen ||Århus, Denmark ||0 || || (./) ||Thu-Sat ||
||Henrik Stuart ||Copenhagen ||0 ||allergic to all dairy || (./) ||- ||
||David Soria Parra ||Karlsruhe ||190 ||vegetarian || (./) ||Thu-Mon ||
||Brodie Rao ||San Francisco ||0 || || (./) ||Thu-Mon ||
||Olav Reinert ||Zurich ||0 || || (./) ||- ||
||Markus Zapke-Gründemann ||Leipzig ||0 ||vegetarian || (./) ||Thu-Sun ||
||Ben Kero ||Portland ||0 || || (./) ||Thurs - Sun ||
||Bue Petersen ||Copenhagen ||0 || ||Fri ||- ||
||Jason Harris ||Granada, Spain ||0 || || (./) ||Thu-Mon ||
||Bryan O'Sullivan ||San Francisco ||0 || || (./) ||Thu-Mon ||
||David Schleimer ||San Jose ||0 || || (./) ||Thu-Mon ||
||Joshua Redstone ||New York ||0 || || (./) ||Thu-Mon ||

== Hotel ==
We'll be staying at the [[http://www.adina.eu/adina-apartment-hotel-copenhagen/home|Adina]] near Unity. Current confirmed bookings are as follows:
||Room ||A ||B ||Nights || Phone ||
||314 ||Augie ||mpm ||Thurs - Sun || 3552 ||
||612 ||Martin ||Pierre-Yves ||Thurs - Sun ||
||101 ||David ||Markus ||Thurs - Sun || 3501 ||
||515 ||Ben ||Brodie ||Thurs - Sun ||
||E ||Dan ||Josh ||Thurs - Sun ||
||805 ||Bryan ||David ||Thurs - Sun || 3626 ||
||202 ||Jason ||guest ||Fri - Sun ||

Note that the booking above are for nights in the hotel, ie most people need to check out Monday morning. Talk to mpm if you need updates.

== Directions ==

=== General ===

Both the Adina hotel and the Unity office are within short walking distance of Østerport station.

[[http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=205839552442931424885.0004bf8693ec20eb34ec4&msa=0&ll=55.6921,12.616768&spn=0.080597,0.219383|Here]] is a map containing the hotel, Unity Technologies and the closest train station to the hotel, the Østerport station. Transportation options from the Copenhagen airport are either taking the train to Østerport (as described below) and walking, or a taxi from the airport. Taxi fare should be about 300 Kroner = $53 USD.

=== Trains ===
Regional trains go from the station beneath airport Terminal 3. You can purchase a train ticket at the automated machines to the side of the DSB ticket booth in Terminal 3. Tickets, valid for 3 fare zones, cost 36 DKK. A 10-ride discount card is available at 190 DKK; it must be stamped in the yellow machine on the platform prior to boarding the train or Metro. Tickets and discount cards are valid for one hour. You need to use a card with a PIN, so most US credit cards won't work. A debit card worked fine for durin42 last year. Also note that most things not only require a pin, but they generally require a 4-digit PIN and aren't set up for PINs that aren't 4 digits.

The most direct train is the Øresunds Train, which will go directly to Østerport Station where you need to get off. This train does not leave that frequently though. Another option is to take the Metro, also from Terminal 3, to Nørreport Station and change there for the S-Train. Catch any northern bound S-train, and get off at the next stop: Østerport Station.

=== Taxi ===

Taxis are usually available waiting in a line outside of the airport, but you can also call for one:

Amager Øbro Taxi


Telephone no. +45 32 51 51 51

=== Other Information ===

A good site for traveling by train and buses in CPH is www.dsb.dk

Beware that Denmark does '''not''' use the Euro and Euros are not likely to be accepted outside of the airport.

Some taxis (and restaurants/shops, for that matter) do not accept cards other than the Danish national credit card (Dankort), so it's a good idea to ask beforehand if you are expecting to pay with a credit card (durin42's experience last year was that nobody outside the airport accepted cards without a PIN, and a 4-digit PIN is generally needed -- machines are typically designed to assume 4 digits). There are of course several ATMs in the airport.

If you find yourself stuck, lost, or otherwise in need of help, you can call or SMS natosha (+45 2829 9411) or Tak (+45 2829 8762), who both live in Copenhagen and work at Unity.

== Local info ==

Pre-paid data SIM info [[http://prepaidwithdata.wikia.com/wiki/Denmark|for Denmark]].

If you have an unlocked GSM phone, I hear you can get a local number via a prepaid SIM card for around 100 DKK (~$20 USD) in the Copenhagen airport. Two providers I've heard of that have this are Telia and TDK

== Schedule ==
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served in the office on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Meal times are:

 * Breakfast: 8:00 - 9:00
 * Lunch: 12:00 - 13:00
 * Dinner: 18:00 - 19:00

We will start the day working at 9 AM every morning and continue on until we feel like stopping.

== Sponsors ==
Judging from previous sprints, we'll need about $5000USD in sponsorship for hotel and airfare.

Possible sponsors:

 * Mozilla
 * Facebook

== Possible Topics ==
Suggested topics for discussion include:

 * Making Mercurial perform well at scale
 * Areas where we are missing tools/functionality in the every day, real-world, user's workflow and how to fix them. Ideas include:
  * Useful, 'human-readable' view for large merges
  * Integrated stash-oriented workflow (that doesn't rely on buggy or unmaintained 3rd-party extensions -- see Attic or Shelve extensions for possible inclusion?)
 * ConsensusMerge
 * what to do about unloved code (fetch, hgk, etc.)
 * tackling code debt
 * short release cycles
 * improve extension development and testing
 * ImprovingCollaboration
 * Obsolete markers implementation for Core

=== Document Performance Characteristics ===

What is the complexity (in terms of number of changesets/named branches/heads/tags) of commands such as:

 * `hg commit`: O(1)?
 * `hg log -r 100`: O(1)?
 * `hg log -b foo`: O(number-of-changesets)?
 * `hg log -r "branch(foo)"`: O(number-of-changesets)?
 * `hg branches`: O(number-of-branches)?
 * `hg tags`: O(number-of-tags)?

=== Extensions in Core ===

Could we turn some extensions on by default — extensions that most people will want to use anyway?

Put an extension here and let us know if you find it useful. This doesn't mean that we should turn it on by default, but it can help us identify candidates for being included in core:

|| '''Extension''' || '''Using it''' || '''Not using it''' || '''Discussion''' ||
|| ProgressExtension || mg, Tak, natosha, dsp, brodie, danchr, jfh, keimlink || kiilerix || core. hgweb should disable it. ||
|| ColorExtension || mg, Tak, natosha, dsp, hstuart, brodie, danchr, keimlink || kiilerix, pmezard, jfh || stay in hgext ||
|| RebaseExtension || mg, Tak, natosha, dsp, hstuart, brodie, danchr,jfh, keimlink || kiilerix || stay in hgext ||
|| PagerExtension || mg, dsp, brodie, keimlink || kiilerix, natosha, pmezard, Tak, danchr, jfh || stay in hgext ||
|| RecordExtension || mg, natosha, brodie, jfh, keimlink || kiilerix || stay in hgext ||
|| HighlightExtension || mg, brodie || kiilerix, Tak, pmezard || stay in hgext ||
|| GraphlogExtension || mg, hstuart, natosha, brodie, danchr, jfh, keimlink || || core. replaces log in in the longterm. ||
|| TransplantExtension || mg, hstuart, natosha, brodie, jfh, keimlink || || can be replaced by rebase and graft except for cross repo transplants get implemented ||
|| ExtdiffExtension || hstuart, natosha, danchr, jfh, keimlink || || not discussed ||
|| MqExtension || mg, hstuart, natosha, brodie, danchr, jfh, keimlink || || stay in hgext ||

Third-party extensions that provide important functionality:

 * HisteditExtension
 * AtticExtension or ShelveExtension

== Notes ==


== Proceedings ==

 * [[http://www.logilab.org/blogentry/92842|Mercurial 2.3 day 0]] - Logilab.org Blog
 * [[http://hstuart.dk/2012/05/13/mercurial-2-3-sprint/|Mercurial 2.3 sprint]] by Henrik Stuart
 * [[https://plus.google.com/108957994038017966408/posts/WoU56Cj7x3i|Photos from the sprint]] by Martin Geisler

The name of the writer is Rickey. The thing he adores most is archaeology plus he might never stop doing it. New York is where my home is. Debt collecting is his day job now. You can usually discover his url here: http://www.numereledestinului.ro/cheia-numerelor/

The name of the writer is Rickey. The thing he adores most is archaeology plus he might never stop doing it. New York is where my home is. Debt collecting is his day job now. You can usually discover his url here: http://www.numereledestinului.ro/cheia-numerelor/

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