Mini Sprint Bay Area December 2015

We haven't meet since the London sprint and multiple people did not attend it. Let's meet again.

Potential topics

When and Where

When: Dec 4th, 9am (arriving later is fine). Breakfast has not been ordered, but we can walk to a nearby cafeteria to get some for those who want it.

Where: Google Mountain View, building CL5 (1500 Crittenden Ln, Mountain View, CA 94043).

Directions: From 101 heading South, take the Shoreline exit and turn right. (From 101 heading North, take the Shoreline exit and turn left). Head north on Shoreline Ave until the road psuedo-dead-ends at Shoreline park. Make a right just before the gate to the park onto North Rd, and we'll be in the first building on the right, it should say "CL5" on it. Note that this road is NOT "Crittenden Ln", it's the right turn after Crittenden Ln.


Please make sure that you sign up below so that I can get you as registered guests ahead of time, it makes things go a little quicker:


Pierre-Yves David

Martin von Zweigbergk

Sean Farley

Siddharth Agarwal

Laurent Charignon

Gregory Szorc

Mateusz Kwapich

David Soria Parra

Kyle Lippincott

Christian Delahousse

Ryan McElroy

Cecile Berillon

Jun Wu

Potential Attendees

Everybody is welcome. From the curious user to the experienced contributor.


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