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See also: [[Revert]] See also: [[Update]], [[Revert]], [[Commit]], [[Merge]]


hg backout [OPTION]... [-r] REV

Revert the effect of an earlier changeset.

Backout works by applying a changeset that's the opposite of the changeset to be backed out. That new changeset is committed to the repository, and eventually merged.

Help text: http://www.selenic.com/mercurial/hg.1.html#backout

0.1. Here's some more detail from Matt about the inner workings.

(see also this email thread)

Backout is basically three steps rolled into one:

  • update -C <rev>

  • revert -r <parent of rev>

  • commit

There's a fourth step that's done automatically if you specify --merge:

  • merge with changeset we were at when we started to backout

And there's a fifth, manual step:

  • commit the result of merging

When step 3 (commit) aborts, you're left with the first two steps completed and you can either commit yourself or update -C to abandon the process.

0.2. An example:


See also: Update, Revert, Commit, Merge


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