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This page is primarily intended for developers of Mercurial.

Need more smarts for the following:

Renaming and deleting named branches

Without support for branch renaming and deletion, named branches quickly become a frustrating experience. Of course branches can't actually be deleted, but they can be hidden from normal branch display and update commands. Generalizing from the inactive branch idea, here's one approach:

As an example, the mutt repository was converted from CVS using an old version of the convert extension that put most commits on a branch called HEAD. At one point a named-branch-unaware hg client committed to HEAD as if it were 'default'. To fix this repository, the existing 'default' branch could be closed, and the tip on HEAD could be renamed to default.

One problem with this proposal is that older clients cannot make use of either the close or rename operations. I believe that the degradation should be graceful (about the same experience that current clients have), but should think through it further.

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