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||*OS* ||*Mercurial* ||*Configuration file* ||
||Linux ||Vanilla ||$HOME/.hgrc ||
||MacOS ||Vanilla ||$HOME/.hgrc ||
||Windows ||Cygwin ||$HOME/.hgrc ||
||Windows ||TortoiseHG ||%USERPROFILE%\mercurial.ini ||
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|| *OS* || *Mercurial* || *Configuration file* ||
|| Linux || Vanilla || $HOME/.hgrc ||
|| MacOS || Vanilla || $HOME/.hgrc ||
|| Windows || Cygwin || $HOME/.hgrc ||
|| Windows || TortoiseHG || %USERPROFILE%\mercurial.ini ||
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CategoryExtensionsByOthers CategoryExtensionsByOthers CategoryBugtrackingExtensions

Bugtracker Extension

This extension is not distributed with Mercurial.

Author: David Anes

Webpage: http://code.google.com/p/mercurial-bugtracker-extension/

Repository: https://mercurial-bugtracker-extension.googlecode.com/hg/


Mercurial Bugtracker is a tiny distributed bugtracking extension for mercurial.

With this extension, you can:

  • manage bugs and issues.
  • share bugs among developers.
  • keep issues side by side with your source code.
  • merge issues from your repository clones.
  • know what issues are open/closed for every revision.
  • branch and keep issues for different branches.
  • merge branches and issues like source files.
  • keep compatibility with people that do not have the extension installed.
  • and even manage issues WITHOUT having the extension: open/close a bug moving a file and commiting.

Mercurial 1.5+ required


Configure your .hgrc to enable the extension by adding following lines:

bugtrack = /path/to/mercurial-bugtracker-extension

or for Windows/TortoiseHG (not Cygwin!)

  bugtrack = c:\path\to\mercurial-bugtracker-extension

Configuration file location

Locate your Mercurial configuration file (or create if it does not exist):



*Configuration file*













CategoryExtensionsByOthers CategoryBugtrackingExtensions

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