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see in [[ProjectInfrastructure#Web_services|ProjektInfrastructure]] see in [[ProjectInfrastructure#Web_services|ProjectInfrastructure]]

/!\ This page is primarily intended for Mercurial's developers.


Mercurial buildbot is located at http://hgbuildbot.kublai.com/

It does automated building and test runs on different systems (os, python version) and show the results.

Did my patches pass the tests? (enter the full commit name in the box: your name <email@example.com>)

Output of the last run of the tests (non stable repo) on windows: (../builds/-1/ is last build)

Which builds did fail and how long did they run?

last failed builds as a feed

(ideas found on waterfall/help and buildbot doc)

2. responsibilities

see in ProjectInfrastructure


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