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 * 下载和安装构建好的 Mercurial [[BinaryPackages|二进制包]],或者 [[Download|下载]] 源代码来自己构建;
 * 浏览 [[MajorFeatures|主要特性]], 查看 [[WhatsNew|最新功能]] (发行说明)和阅读 [[UpgradeNotes|升级说明]];
 * 下载和安装构建好的 Mercurial [[BinaryPackages|二进制包]],或者[[Download|下载]]源代码来自己构建;
 * 浏览[[MajorFeatures|主要特性]], 查看[[WhatsNew|最新功能]](发行说明)和阅读[[UpgradeNotes|升级说明]];
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 *  QuickStart for the impatient
 * The article ''[[attachment:Hague2009.pdf|Inside a distributed version control system]]'' (PDF, 13 pages)
 * [[QuickReferenceCardsAndCheatSheets|Quick Reference Cards And Cheat Sheets]] (PDF and PNG) to decorate your desk
 * A tutorial based on examples: [[http://www.jemander.se/MercurialByExample.pdf|MercurialByExample.pdf]]
 * [[QuickStart|快速入门]]指南;
 * 文章 ''[[attachment:Hague2009.pdf|分布式版本控制系统内幕]]'' (PDF, 13)
 * [[QuickReferenceCards|快速参考卡片]]和[[CheatSheets|速查表]](PDFPNG)放在桌上,随时查看;
 * 一篇实例教程:[[http://www.jemander.se/MercurialByExample.pdf|MercurialByExample.pdf]]
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 * The book '''''[[MercurialBook|Mercurial: The Definitive Guide]]''''' ([[http://hgbook.red-bean.com/read/|HTML]], [[http://hg.serpentine.com/mercurial/book|source]])
 * ManPages, [[FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)]], and TipsAndTricks
 * 图书 '''''[[MercurialBook|Mercurial 权威指南]]''''' ([[http://hgbook.red-bean.com/read/|HTML]], [[http://hg.serpentine.com/mercurial/book|source]]);
 * [[ManPages|手册页]], [[FAQ|常见问题解答(FAQ)]],和[[TipsAndTricks|技巧]];
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 * [[HOWTOs]] explain some useful ways of using Mercurial
 * MercurialHosting lists public hosting services for your [[Repository|repositories]]
 * [[HOWTOs|基本知识]]-提供一些Mercurial的用法;
 * [[MercurialHosting|Mercurial 托管]] - 列出一些公共的[[Repository|版本库]]托管服务;


(adj) relating to or having characteristics (eloquence, swiftness, cleverness) attributed to the god Mercury.

(n) a fast, lightweight Source Control Management system designed for efficient handling of very large distributed projects.


使用 Mercurial

For refugees from other SCMs



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