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Copenhagen Area Meetup

Unity Technologies will be holding a social gathering for Mercurial users and developers. All Mercurial users and developers are welcome to attend. Build and infrastructure engineers from the area are also welcome, even if they don't currently use Mercurial. The meet-up will be informal, with refreshments and casual dinner provided.

The purpose is simply to encourage networking amongst Mercurial users and developers and build/infrastructure engineers in the area. There will be lots of socializing and talking shop, but in keeping with the Unity style, we will also have beer, video games (probably Rock Band) on a large projector, etc.


Friday, February 17th 2012


4:00 PM until ???


Unity Technologies A/S

Livjægergade 17, Yardhouse, 1st Floor

Copenhagen Ø, 2100, Denmark


For purposes of making sure we have enough food and refreshments, please list your name and the names of your guests so we can get a fairly accurate head count:



Na'Tosha Bard

Henrik Stuart

Mads Kiilerich

Christian Joergensen

Sune Foldager

Peer Sommerlund

Lars Kruse

Leif Sørensen

Martin Geisler

Christian Wolfgang

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