Darcs Concepts

Information about migrating from and interacting with Darcs.

1. Command equivalence table

Darcs command

Hg command


darcs init

hg init

darcs get <path>

hg clone <path>

darcs put <path>

hg clone . <path>

darcs pull -a

hg fetch

Requires the FetchExtension to be enabled.

darcs pull (selectively)

hg pull + either hg transplant <cset> or hg export <cset> | hg import -

Transplant requires the TransplantExtension.

hg pull

hg incoming

hg update -c <rev>

darcs push -a

hg push

darcs push (selectively)

hg outgoing

darcs revert <file(s)>

hg revert <file(s)>

darcs show contents -p <patch> <file> > <file>

hg revert -r <rev> <file(s)>

darcs rollback -p <patch>

hg backout <cset>

darcs add <new_file>

hg add <new_file>

darcs record -a [<file(s)>]

hg commit [<file(s)>]

darcs record [<file(s)>]

hg record [<file(s)>]

Requires RecordExtension to be enabled.

darcs unrecord

hg rollback

Rollback only works for one last transaction.

darcs whatsnew -s [<file(s) or dir(s)>]

hg status [<file(s) or dir(s)>]

darcs whatsnew [<file(s) or dir(s)>]

hg diff [<file(s) or dir(s)>]

darcs amend-record

hg qimport -r tip ; hg qrefresh -e ; hg qfinish tip 

Requires the MqExtension.

darcs tag <name>

hg tag <name>

darcs annotate

hg annotate

hg bisect

hg histedit <base cset>

Requires the HisteditExtension.

hg shelve

Requires the ShelveExtension or the AtticExtension.

hg merge

hg rebase -d <cset>

Requires the RebaseExtension.

darcs send -p <patch>

hg email -r <csets> (or hg bundle -r <rev> and send manually)

Hg email requires the PatchbombExtension.

darcs apply < <mbox>

hg mimport -m <mbox> (or hg unbundle <file>)

Requires the MboxExtension and the MqExtension. Imports patches to mq.

darcs log

hg log

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