Deveo is an enterprise-grade repository management and collaboration platform that supports Git, Subversion and Mercurial. It consists of repository hosting, project management, issue tracking and documentation features. The software was written in Ruby, initially by Eficode Oy and now by Deveo Oy.

1. History

Development of Deveo as a SaaS solution to streamline software production started in 2010 by Eficode on based on similar solutions developed proprietarily for Eficode customers. Due to customer preferences, and existing solutions offered as SaaS, Deveo switched the software architecture from SaaS to on-premises.

The software was officially launched in June 2012.

Deveo Oy was established in 2014 as a spin-off from Eficode in order to commercialize the software. Deveo now markets the software under the Deveo name and continued to expand on the original Eficode project.

2. License

Deveo is a commercial software product that can be licensed for running on-premises. The license fees are charged monthly and the fee per user is tiered, based on the size of the purchasing organization. The license allows for hosting on both physical and virtual servers.


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