Factotum extension

This extension is currently being distributed along with Mercurial.

Author: Steven Stallion


This extension allows the factotum(4) facility on Plan 9 from Bell Labs platforms to provide authentication information for HTTP access. Configuration entries specified in the auth section as well as authentication information provided in the repository URL are fully supported. If no prefix is specified, a value of * will be assumed.

By default, keys are specified as:

proto=pass service=hg prefix=<prefix> user=<username> !password=<password>

If the factotum extension is unable to read the required key, one will be requested interactively.


factotum =

executable = /bin/auth/factotum
mountpoint = /mnt/factotum
service = hg

The executable entry defines the full path to the factotum binary. The mountpoint entry defines the path to the factotum file service. Lastly, the service entry controls the service name used when reading keys.

While not explicitly supported, the plan9port version of factotum should provide a viable alternative for POSIX-compatible platforms.


This extension doesn't require user interaction to work.

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