Operate on Git repositories.

1. Status

This extension is distributed with Mercurial as experimental.

Author: Augie Fackler

2. Overview

This extension grants Mercurial the ability to operate on Git repositories.

Requires pygit2.

3. Usage

3.1. Installation

Install pygit2 into the Python used by your Mercurial: $(hg debuginstall -T'{pythonexe}') -m pip install --user pygit2

3.2. Configuration

Enable the extension:

git =

3.3. Use

In the Mercurial 5.4 release:


git clone git://...
hg init --git
hg status
hg log
hg bookmarks
hg diff
hg add
hg commit
git push
git pull

4. Alternatives

4.1. HgGit

The HgGit extension, which is installed separately from Mercurial, is more mature and more widely used.

It converts a git repository into a native Mercurial repository (including incremental imports). As a consequence:

4.2. Convert

The ConvertExtension, packaged with Mercurial, has Git support.

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