This hook is not distributed with Mercurial.

Authors: Mads Sülau Jørgensen, Marcus Lindblom

Download site: http://bitbucket.org/madssj/mercurial-trac-hook/


This post-commit hook for Trac is inspired by Subversion's one, and was originally proposed by Mads Sülau Jørgensen on it's blog. It is suitable for Trac's releases prior to 0.12.


Get hook by cloning repository:

hg clone http://bitbucket.org/madssj/mercurial-trac-hook/

and install the 'trachook.py' module somewhere inside your PYTHONPATH.

Then configure your .hgrc to enable the hook by adding the following lines:

changegroup = python:trachook.hook

root = /path/to/trac
url = http://url/to/trac

Nota bene: if there are other changegroup hooks, just add a suffix to [each], like: changegroup.trac = python:trachook.hook.

Other considerations