This page tracks high-level potential features for hgweb, Mercurial's built-in HTTP server.

Finish JSON Style

Work on a JSON style for machine-readable JSON output from hgweb is partially implemented. It needs to be finished.

Keyboard Shortcuts

It would be nice to have keyboard shortcuts on HTML pages to perform quick navigation actions.

Automatic Refresh

If the repository changes, the HTML view should refresh automatically, in near real time. This might require WebSockets for notifications.

Type revset and results should up in real time. Might require WebSockets. See similar feature in hgview.

Revset Highlight Results

Ability to type a revset and have matched changesets highlighted in view.

WebSocket Support

Currently, hgweb only speaks HTTP. Support for WebSocket would unlock the ability to perform bi-directional and streaming communication (as opposed to HTTP/1.1's limited unidirectional request-reply model).

See BlamePlan for an idea to use WebSockets for streaming blame information so pages load faster and so people can quickly cycle between multiple revisions.

WebSocket could also be used for a new version of the wire protocol.

Read/Write API

We should be able to create commits, perform rebases, etc from the HTML interface. This requires an API that allows repository mutations.


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