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Being able to manage a collection of repositories via the web is handy for both departmental servers and public ones.


Features for a web interface:

  • ability to register user and passwords for htaccess
  • ability to reset passwords

User and admin capabilities:

  • initialize or clone new repositories
  • edit existing repositories
  • change password
  • change email address

Repo administration:

  • delete repo
  • verify
  • rollback
  • strip
  • set description
  • set notify addresses
  • set allowed users for push (default owner-only)
  • set default web encoding? (UTF-8)
  • set per-repo message of the day


A good approximation of this idea is [http://freehg.org/ freehg.org]. The source hg repository is [http://freehg.org/u/mmarshall/freehg/ here] (by Matthew Marshall).

the idea was more in the sense of a "trac plugin" which looks like you design it. everything else is there. what problem do you have with trac as you try to reinvent the wheel here?


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