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 why are you not using edgewall trac?

Being able to manage a collection of repositories via the web is handy for both departmental servers and public ones.


Features for a web interface:

  • ability to register user and passwords for htaccess
  • ability to reset passwords

User and admin capabilities:

  • initialize or clone new repositories
  • edit existing repositories
  • change password
  • change email address

Repo administration:

  • delete repo
  • verify
  • rollback
  • strip
  • set description
  • set notify addresses
  • set allowed users for push (default owner-only)
  • set default web encoding? (UTF-8)
  • set per-repo message of the day


Currently, I'm experimenting with using [http://www.djangoproject.com/ Django] to build a wrapper around hgweb. Django has a simple templating scheme, and a nice admin interface for editing users, groups, and other database bits. Naturally, it's all Python. It's happy to work with sqlite, too.

In theory, hgweb should be embeddable within Django using WSGI glue. If that proves hard, we can just carve out a spot for it in URL space and have Apache call it directly. And there's a simple recipe for sharing Django's auth database with Apache at: http://www.djangoproject.com/documentation/apache_auth/.

  • why are you not using edgewall trac?

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