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== See also ==


This Mercurial extension will remove the BOM from all Unicode files. Resulting file will be UTF-8 and without pesky BOM bytes.

1. Status

This extension is not distributed with Mercurial.

Author: Josip Medved

Repository: https://bitbucket.org/jmedved/hg-killbom

2. Overview

This extension will modify all Unicode files with BOM (byte order mark) and convert them to BOM-less UTF-8. This comes especially handy when dealing with Microsoft's Visual Studio that is really UTF-8 BOM happy.

Extensions adds two commands (killbom, checkbom) and hooks into the commit process.

3. Configuration

To use it just add following in the hgrc or global Mercurial settings file:

killbom = /path/to/killbom.py

action = modify
extensions = utf-8 utf-16le utf-16be utf-32le utf-32be
maxsize = 1024
  • extensions is a list of all Unicode encodings that will be recognized.

  • maxsize is maximum file size that will be processed (in kilobytes).

  • action can be either modify (default), verify, or ignore:

    • modify - files will be adjusted before the commit

    • verify - commit will be aborted if there are Unicode files with BOM but files won't be modified

    • ignore - no action will be taken

4. Usage

Using killbom command will remove Unicode BOM from all modified and newly added files:

hg killbom [options]

  -8 --utf8only  removes only UTF-8 BOM signature

To just verify whether all files are BOM free, you would use checkbom command:

hg checkbom [options]

  -8 --utf8only  checks for only UTF-8 BOM signature

In addition there are three hooks. On pretxncommit and pretxnchangegroup extension will verify whether all Unicode files are BOM-free and it will stop commit if they are not. On precommit extension will modify files and remove BOM.


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