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== Other concept == == Other concepts ==


/!\ This page is intended for developers. <!> This is a proposed feature, last minor updated April 2011.

A system for safely allowing mutable history.

Base concept

The first objective of Liquid-HG is to have a clear distinctions between the part of the history can be altered and the one which can't. (To keep it simple: the private part may be edited while the public can't). This imply two points

  • Deny edition of non-liquid (frozen) changeset,
  • Simple and logical transition from liquid to frozen state (freezing). This transition should be transparent for the user.

Other concepts

  • Garbage collection of "abandoned" changeset,
  • Semantical Change tracking (as mq do with patches) and versionning (as versionned mq),
  • History edition extension compatibility,
  • Sharing volatile part of the history.

Ideas and discussion


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