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Add the following to your [:.hgrc] file: Add the following to your [[.hgrc]] file:

FileMerge on Mac OS X

To configure merge to use FileMerge on Mac OS X, you can use the same opendiff-w script as described in ExtdiffExtension:

# opendiff returns immediately, without waiting for FileMerge to exit.
# Piping the output makes opendiff wait for FileMerge.
opendiff "$@" | cat

Make sure the script has executable permission, and is located in your $PATH.

Add the following to your .hgrc file:

filemerge.executable = /full/path/to/opendiff-w
filemerge.args = $local $other -ancestor $base -merge $output

The command "hg merge" will now use FileMerge to resolve its conflicts.

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