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This is how I do the most basic tasks that the MarkEmptyDirs tool can do but using the "find" command in GNU/Linux. Doing a shell script with this commands and adding some advanced functionality should be easy.

Use with caution.

Use cases

All examples must be run in our working project root directory or you must change the "find ." part with "find DIRECTORY".

Create placeholder files

find . -type d -not -path "*/.hg/*" -empty -exec touch {}/.emptydir \;

Update placeholder files

find . -type d -not -path "*/.hg/*" -not -empty -exec rm {}/.emptydir \;

find . -type d -not -path "*/.hg/*" -empty -exec touch {}/.emptydir \;

Delete placeholder files

find . -type f -not -path "*/.hg/*" -name ".emptydir" -delete

List placeholder files

find . -type f -not -path "*/.hg/*" -name ".emptydir" -ls


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