A number of merge cases are currently not handled in a clean way. This is not user-friendly and can be difficult for regular users to resolve. Ideally, rather than automatically aborting in these cases, we should present users with a dialog allowing them to choose the type of resolution they want.

Note: only a few cases remain, most were solved by sid0 already.

Different problematic cases

File/directory conflict


 hg init foo
 cd foo
 touch bar
 hg add
 hg commit -m "add bar"
 touch woop
 hg add
 hg commit -m "add woop file"

 hg up -r 0
 mkdir woop
 touch woop/somefile
 hg add
 hg commit -m "add woop directory"

 hg merge

Current output:

 abort: Is a directory: '/tmp/foo/woop'

Expected output:

 remote created file while local created directory
 keep (d)irectory, keep (f)ile, or leave (u)nresolved?

Alternatively, the same output as for a 'file/symlink' conflict could be used. That case is handled properly.

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